End of the year vacation

December was an intense month of travels. It started with a technical needs assessment mission to Barbados for a week. Than hopping to Trinidad and Tobago for a meeting. My next stop was a week in Belem in Brazil and then a few days off in Rio de Janeiro. I got stuck in Trinidad because American Airlines did not recognize my ESTA visa. After 3 weeks underway I was soooooo happy to be HOME.

Barbados mission.JPG
Barbados: Just before we left for a coastal inspection with the Coast Guard vessel

My husband Jacob, working a lot and being home alone for 3 weeks, was sooooo happy to go on vacation. When I am not on travels I live in Paris during the week, so we only see each other in the weekends and vacation periods. To compensate the long periods that we are not together we would go winter-camping. We have a cozy, 60’s style camper-unit with good heating in it. Camping in winter is great. When you are lucky there is snow and for sure no neighbours. We went via my sister who lives near the Ardennes in Belgium as it was on our way.

Aperitif time in the camper unit with my sister and brother in law

In the Ardennes we found a beautiful spot near a chateau. Wonderful for hiking, we almost managed to get lost in the woods. Considering Belgium is not really a big country this is amazing. And they have a kind of strange policy on nature development; when having a woodland they build a road trough and then they can say they have two woodlands.

Just great to wake up here, in pure silence

Aperitif time was the moment for Belgian beer,  enough choice here. Only they didn’t taste well to me. I got ill, hmmm, not funny, this was not scheduled well Programme Manager! In the past we went camping with this camper-unit for 3 weeks together with our son who was 16 at that time. Now we were only the two of us but it felt like both of us grew the last years or this camper-unit shrunk. I just wanted to go HOME now. To my huge couch and woodfire with a great view over my garden and it’s sad rainy Dutch weather. Luckily Jacob got aware that convincing me to stay another week would not work out well. Arrived home he put this camper-unit for sale. I still cannot figure out why exactly. Only 1 person showed interest but it was immediately clear this was a “no go”. He was more than two meters tall. This just doesn’t fit. Even if you are motivated for camping like this, it would keep on feeling like wearing too small shoes, I know.

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