Trinidad and Tobago

I’m just back from travels to Trinidad and Tobago. My timing was not so good as I missed the best days of Carnival. Luckily my dear friend Colin took me out an evening to one of the many “warming up” fetes they have in Port of Spain. He introduced me to Soca music and the typical style of dancing, called wining. I now truly believe the story that 9 months after Carnival there is a significant rise in births in T&T!

Picture taken at Tobago


I tasted some great local food. When possible you should try doubles for breakfast. It is chickpeas in a wrap with an Indian curry-like sauce. For sure you are awake and full of energy after doubles. And another great dish is bake and shark. I went to Maracas Bay for a swim and as usual went a bit further away from the beach to enjoy the view of the coastline. Suddenly a fish started to bump into me without stopping. I’m quite accustomed to  swimming in open sea but did not at all like this fish behavior. Even when quickly swimming back the fish kept on bumping into me. Arriving on the beach Colin looked very surprised that I had returned already. Normally I go out for more than an hour. Out of breath I tried to explain about the annoying fish. LOL, he said it was time for revenge and I should eat bake and shark at Richard’s.

My travels back were a bit messy due to weather conditions. My TripCase App kept me  so well updated of the situation that the pilot of the Canadian plane used my phone for updates on the delay. And I must say, great service from Caribbean Airlines when I almost missed my connection in Toronto. The only thing that still torment my heart is the six year old child I left in tears at the airport. I was carrying a plastic waste tube with nautical charts over my shoulder and when turning around I smashed it right in his face.  He started to scream and his mother was worried that his teeth were damaged. I tried to reassure her by saying that children of that age will change teeth anyway. She only got more upset. I was lucky to be in a hurry for a flight!

in the picture the tube that hit the child

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