That crazy love for boats!

As a child I always watched this movie  about a girl called Carolientje and her little boat. In Dutch language we do not say little Carolien but Carolientje. Adding “tje” means little. I was always singing this song of Louis Neefs but changing it to Gerardientje and her little boat.

in my wheelhouse

Growing up I started to find the story about Carolientje a bit stupid, why keep on dreaming if you can do it for real! Only for a short period I did not have a boat and it feels like missing an arm or a leg. When I was 17 I lived and worked on my first boat, the Res-Nova. It was a “Tjalk” build in 1893, a beautiful old Dutch sailing barge with the typical wooden side boards that replace a keel. My first husband and I had a charter company with this boat. Below pictures were taken last time I was on board, just before she changed owner.

During the first trip with Tasmin West my present boat, I recalled the song, thinking :

“I did it, YES”.

Tasmin West, former name RP15, is an old police patrol vessel. On the dedicated page you will find a lot of pictures. Probably you can imagine that such an old boat needs lots of maintenance. I am lucky my husband has a yacht wharf. And I made a good deal; if I maintain the website, he maintains the boat. We also have a second principle; he is responsible for the technical issues and I am responsible for styling the boat. And technical issues are always secondary important as the style of the boat. I hope you enjoy the pictures, more will follow.

During last summer vacation

6 thoughts on “That crazy love for boats!

  1. Even kijken of ik mij het liedje van Carolientje nog foutloos kan herinneren:
    Carolientje heeft een bootje en daarmee kan z’overal komen, lalalala in haar dromen, Carolientje.

    Het deuntje kan ik me nog wel herinneren, maar de rest van de tekst niet.

    Wist je trouwens dat de kapitein in Carolientje werd gespeeld door Paul Ricour, die later in Merlina Polleke speelde? En dat Carolientje de dochter was van diezelfde Paul Ricour? Dat heb ik toevallig laatst eens opgezocht.

    Enfin, bon voyage!


  2. Hey Arno, en sinds we wat ouder geworden zijn kijken we naar Kabouter Wesley! Maar dat is voor mij dan toch wat moeilijker te volgen als Merlina.
    Hartelijke groet,


  3. Hi Gerardine,

    The moment I started reading your blog I got attracted to your story. Personal, but for the reader still a lot of things to find out.
    Keep on going, “I will follow”!

    Salute, Roberto


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