Tribute to Jorge



A while ago I found out to have a special admirer. Actually he does not worship me, only my shoes. I found out by accident as he made a remark about my shoes saying: “Hey, you were wearing these heels in Istanbul 3 years ago”. Asking him how he remembered this, he had to confess having an impressive database with pictures of my shoes. All were taken without me being aware of this. He shared the pictures with me and here are some of them.

Although I truly like the fuzzy look of the pictures made by Jorge, I decided to make a dedicated shoe page on this website as a tribute to him. I think that is the least I can do for such a great shoe enthusiast. Last week when he was in Paris I found out that not only my shoes are subject to his collection. I felt a little jealous, yes…

Most of the technical committees I attend for my work are visited by all kind of maritime engineers. I always like to dress up nicely and often people from outside think I work in fashion instead of maritime business. I already got used to the fact that the engineers hardly notice that I am a female creature although I try to look good. You can imagine that I was very surprised to have all their attention one day. They got very excited about my heels and I really felt delighted about this. Just until I found out why they were so excited….. the heels were made of carbon fibre and they were discussing strength calculations!

the carbon fiber heels

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