A good cup of coffee

People often bring me a present when they come to IALA Headquarters. Two weeks ago my friend from Turkey, with the beautiful name Tuncay, came to my office with a present for Jacob and me. He had already announced that he would bring us the most expensive coffee in the world from his trip to Bali. And he mentioned that I should not worry as he did not produce it himself. I did not understand why he said this. I cannot imagine him making anything in a kitchen, not even boiling an egg would be successful. When he visits my house or boat there are 2 places he doggedly tries to avoid and that’s the kitchen and the engine room. The kitchen because he knows that I like cooking very much and he only likes eating very much. But when needed he will criticise the food in great detail, for example the fact that I add chicken and sausage to paella. The engine room he did not want to go inside because he is a captain and not an engineer. He even refused to go down to have look at the beautiful old engine because he did not want to be dirty! As long as he makes good with a nice present from time to time I can manage this well…

When handing over the pack of coffee he explained to me why is was so exclusive. The coffee beans are eaten by a luwak and after that the beans are taken out of it’s droppings. Hmmmm, I got a little less enthusiastic about this very exclusive gift. Tuncay convinced me to try it as the coffee is very good. The lumak only eats the best beans, the ones that are perfectly ripe. So actually it is cherry-picking coffee beans.


Arrived home I first checked on internet the procedure on how they make the coffee. It was reassuring to read that they first wash the beans before they grind it. But still when opening the package I smelled, and it had a great odour of good coffee. The taste is fantastic I must say. And it digests easy but that is not so surprising as the luwak already did half of the job. The coffee is 400 to 600 USD per kilo. I now seriously consider to do some tests with digesting food and launch it as a very exclusive product afterwards. I will keep you informed about the results. My website allows me to expand it with a web shop so I hope that I will find the niche in the market soon. Only I have some difficulties to find a tasting team. Any volunteers????

(P.S. New pictures posted on the boat and shoes page!)

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