Special moment, special place

Last weekend I met, for the first time in my life, with the family of my father. My father passed away before I was born and due to circumstances I did not know any of his family. You can imagine that this was a very special moment on both sides. I met with a cousin, his wife and their children. I was accompanied by Jacob and our children. It was nice to have the next generation with us. I do not know much about my father. Sometimes people ask me if I miss having a father. Or they consider that I would then probably miss him during difficult moments in my life. Actually, the opposite is how I experience it. As I do not have parents that took care of me, I easily manage the difficult moments in my life. I never really depend on others. It is when things go well in my life, for example the moment I got a driving license or new job, that I really missed calling my father.

We had a great location to meet. It is a restaurant where I worked in the past and also where I got married and celebrated my 10 years anniversary of my marriage last year. Our daughter worked there as well, so we all feel very at ease in that place. The speciality is charcoal grilled lobster. In the waters near where I live there are a lot of lobsters, so it is a local speciality.

These lobsters are called “Oosterschelde lobster” and due to the fact that they differ in DNA structure to all other lobsters around the world their taste is found to be superb. To avoid overfishing, they can only be caught during 3,5 months a year starting from end of March.

This movie https://youtu.be/ubSBY851ZZ4 shows the owner of this restaurant, “De Vluchthaven in Bruinisse”, when he is grilling the lobsters.

Fantastic seafood served at “De Vluchthaven”

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