Steamy Suriname

I send all my postings to my friend Colin from Trinidad for proofreading. Non-native speakers often literally translate words and this could lead to misunderstanding. His intention, when proofreading, is not to take out all “Belgisms”, only making it better readable and to avoid confusion. Not only the writer is a non-native speaker also a lot of the readers. After I send this posting to Colin his remark was the following: “With a title like that a reader would be looking for a different kind of story”. So my answer was: “Oeps….. Will changes it to “Hot and Wet Suriname”. Is that better?”. With a small delay, the final posting:

At this moment I am in Suriname and will stay here for several weeks to facilitate an IALA World-Wide Academy course. In this video,, taken during the opening ceremony I explain the importance of this course.

And for the Dutch speaking readers you might find this link,, to a local television station interesting to see especially if you have connections with Suriname. I was interviewed in Dutch but have never before talked about these aspect of my work in Dutch. To me it appears as I talk to a child but the reason was I could not find the words!

The start of the course went very well. We have participants from Barbados, Belize, Argentina, St. Kitts & Nevis, Guatemala and Guyana. The 2 last countries are scheduled for me to conduct a technical mission later on in the year. It is a good opportunity for my upcoming missions to work with these people during this course.

I really enjoy being in Suriname. It’s a beautiful country with great people to work with. Most of them I have already met several times and I really feel at home here. I arrived in the worse season possible. Some days it was raining all day long and the atmosphere is very steamy. Even with the air-conditioning switched on it stays humid in my room. Actually the only activity I do outside is swimming. I am always alone in the pool as it seems the other hotel guests are afraid to get wet.

This picture, taken at Maritime Authority Suriname, shows the group of participants.

Suriname L1 AtoN Manager Course

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