Chicken problems

From time to time people ask me what kind of problems I face during my travels. Of course I can tell you many stories of all the challenges I have, traveling around the globe mostly alone.

But managing the home situation can be very challenging as well. My husband for example, tends to do things different as I had in mind. The youngest of 2 children is still living at home, and also he has created his own way to deal with the situation. I try to influence this from distance, for example what they eat, how they do the laundry, what colour the boat will be painted, make sure they water the garden to avoid that all my plants are dead when I return from a mission. One thing is clear, I sometimes disagree on aspects, but apparently father and son never disagree. And watering the garden has the lowest priority.

Before I worked in Paris and had frequent travels I always wanted to keep chickens. Many times I tried to convince Jacob to build a chicken house with fence. Without success.

A few weeks ago I planted some small vegetables and then left to Suriname. Last week I received a picture via Whatsapp of a “wild” chicken in my garden.


I immediately send a message back:

“Catch the chicken and put it in a cage!”

“Why? It does not seem to run away and now you’ve got your chicken.”

“I know, but I don’t want it to eat my plants, give it some food to prevent that it eats my plants”

“It’s a fat chicken, it’s not hungry”

“Then monitor its weight and when it gets skinny, please feed it”

“I will make a small bucket and hang it under the backside to catch the eggs”

“Honey, I did not ask that you make a bucket, how will you manage to hang a bucket under a chicken, just put it in cage”

“I always make very handy things, I will manage to make a beautiful bucket to hang under that chicken”

“What will the neighbours think when they see a chicken with a bucket in our garden, just feed the chicken or put it in a cage”


Of course my husband just comes up with something ridiculous, hanging a bucket under a chicken, because he is not at all in the mood to take care of that chicken. But at that moment I was so focussed on finding a solution that I am not at all aware he is no longer serious.

When he took the picture apparently the chicken was still alive, at present I do not know. There are many solutions to a problem….


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