Suriname in a few pictures


I am just back from 3 weeks work in Paramaribo Suriname. It is a beautiful country and really worth considering for a vacation.  I like swimming and these are some places that are great for a swim.

Suriname Gerardine 2
The infinity pool at the former plantation “Bergendal “

But if you are not afraid to be eaten by a cayman or piranha, this is also a good option.

Later I received this picture of a cayman taken in the creek we were swimming…

Suriname cayman

I had some great food at Souposo in Paramaribo, Costerstreet 20. When visiting or returning later in the evening it is better to take a taxi.

The former plantation Frederiksdorp along the Commewijne river is now a beautiful place to stay.

Suriname Gerardine 10

Suriname Gerardine 12

Or the lodges at plantation “Bergendal” are very nice as well.

Suriname Gerardine 15

This picture was taken during a walk at Bergendal.

Suriname Gerardine 4

And he fell out of a high tree but his mommy was too lazy to come down and take him with her!

Suriname Gerardine 14

This is Jemmima, my little friend who accompanied me during all these challenging travels.

Suriname Gerardine 9

This is her father John, during one of his lectures on board of buoytender “Marwina”, just before we deployed a buoy. Is this now boys talk or buoys talk?

Suriname Gerardine 7

And these are some other funny guys I met at museum “Fort Zeelandia” in Paramaribo.

Suriname Gerardine 6



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