Cuba, Havana

A few weeks ago I spent some days in Havana, Cuba. I was there for a regional hydrographic commission. This commission is a great opportunity to catch up with people from Caribbean, Meso-America and South-America. By now they know me well and I really feel at home amongst them.

At work, with Cuban maritime authority


This meeting hugely influences my work program for the next year. After a busy week I travelled from Varadero to hotel National in Havana. It’s very famous and really worth staying a few days. It’s a bit past glory and normally I would not choose such a hotel but I booked last minute. What makes Havana so different and why do I really want to go back? The Caribbean, in my opinion, is often beautiful beaches and that’s a bit it. I am not a beach person, after 15 minutes I am bored and want to do something. I have seen many old beautiful towns with impressive historical buildings. Paris is my back garden but still I was very impressed about Havana and not only the tourists streets.

Choosing alternative routes I discovered some very impressive buildings. Some of them well maintained and beautifully painted.

And Havana has many interesting museums. There is only one disadvantage of this beautiful place with its old cars and that is the air pollution. Every day I walked from the hotel, along the boulevard on the coast, to the old town. Even with a sea breeze the exhaust of the cars was affecting me.

I used the app during my trips and I can really recommend this app for navigating as it does not depend on a wifi connection. If you consider visiting Cuba I would not wait too long. Almost every day cruise liners call and this will only increase.

Havana good food
good restaurant :


guided by locals
guided by locals

I really enjoyed and for sure I want to go back!

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