South Africa

OK, this is not Africa, I am talking about the Waterfront at Cape Town. Do I want to go back? YES.

One of the reasons is “The Silo”. The Silo is a former grain storage industrial building. Now it’s a very fancy hotel and modern art museum. I had scheduled a lunch on the rooftop and due to that we only had 2 hours for a visit to the museum. I could have spent more than half a day there. The building is so impressive. The architect kind of cut open the original grain silos which resulted in half open tubes where the elevators go up and down.


The Waterfront area could be considered as a tourist trap. But this is a very stylish tourist trap with a great ambiance and very good food. It includes an exclusive yacht club but also several small ship wharfs. They maintain fishing vessels and tugboats. Spending some time at one of the terraces you can see pilot launches and tugboats coming in and out. And from time to time a big fat seal underway to a jetty for a sunbath. Clearly I did not expect to receive an answer from this one!

This is a food market in a former workshop along the harbour. Inside are many small shops and restaurants. They really understand how to create a trendy atmosphere here.


I was at work in the neighbourhood for 2 weeks and Jacob accompanied me for a holiday. He had a great time discovering the region and we were fortunate to spend a weekend together. That was a perfect moment to leave Cape Town and visit Cape Good Hope. I guess the pictures tell enough.

cape point

Although I have to disappoint you with regards to the mermaids. You will not see them when visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium. This was specially organised for the opening of our IALA Risk Training Seminar. IALA has a mermaid in its logo and Transnet, the host of the event, revealed the mermaids as part of a spectacular opening ceremony.

And lastly some practical travel advice. When taking electrical devices in hand luggage it is advised to put a tape over the switch-on button. When heading to the airport security scanner control I heard a vaguely noise of something trembling. For a second I thought it came from my suitcase but being in a hurry I moved on. The guy at the security check, normally no sense of humour, found it very amusing to announce loudly that he wanted to open my suitcase as a vibrating device was inside. Not only his colleagues but also the other travellers came to look over my shoulder. But at the end it was disappointing to all as he found a lady shaver instead of the toy his filthy mind had imagined!


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  1. It sounds and looks as though you had a fantastic experience in Cape Town. Still my second most favourite city to visit (after my home town of London of course). 😉

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